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Update 04/03/14

Hey Everybody!,

How ya doing? I just here to give you a update on things. I’m running behind with the video and ‘IMO”. Recently I more pressing matter to deal with. So with that being said I’ll post the stuff when it’s done. I’ll let you guys know before hand. Ok well I hope you duders and dudets are enjoying the beginning of spring. I know I am now go and game. 



/creepythread, an illustrated anthology of creepypasta and other scary stories, is gearing up for MoCCA Fest NYC!  We’re having a reblog showdown as a thank you to all our supporters.  

Reblog this post from today till Monday, April 7- at the end of the week, 3 random usernames will be chosen to receive a free copy of the book, along with surprises from Jensine and Peter!

Find us at MoCCA, April 5 and 6, at tables B14 and D28

purchase your copy

This sounds like a very interesting book. Especially if your a fan of horror and video games.



 The Lavender Tone for Jensine Eckwall and Peter Schmidt's Creepy Thread

Lavender Town Syndrome" was a peak in suicide in children, ages  7-12, shortly after the 1996 release of Pokemon Red and Green in Japan. The suicides and irrational behavior only occurred once the children reached Lavender Town, whose theme music contained extremely high frequencies that were removed in future releases of the games.

Rebekka Dunlap illustrates the subject of many urban legends that hits a deeply nostalgic place for a lot of us, the Pokemon games.  

If you interested to reading some very creepy internet ghost stories please check out the tumbler I’m re-blogging. There’s some creative stuff on here.


All Quotes of the Month to Date:


"I observe life more than I live it." - Jayme K.


"People think of education as something they can finish." - Isaac Asimov


"Cussing doesn’t come from a lack of vocabulary—I know all the words. None of them speak the same language that my fucking heart does." - Anis Mojgani


"Sex without love is as hollow and ridiculous as love without sex." - Hunter S. Thompson

Update 02/24/2014

Hey tumbler friends, 

Sorry for being quiet for a bit, but it’s for go reason. I’m stilling going to post my pieces on the regular places so that’s not going away, but I’m focusing on making new content for all of you to enjoy such as frequent updates(like this one), video content, and a podcast. I’m still figuring everything out (after all I am a one man team) so it may take some time. As for now I’m going to be posting a IMO(In my opinion) on the latest Strider game which will be up in the near future. Also don’t forget from time to time I do key giveaways on Twitter so follow me @ThePixelRobot. Anyway that’s it for now.


Walker’s Blood (The Walking Dead cocktail)

1 oz Bourbon
1 oz Blackberry Brandy
Coca-Cola (to fill)
1 splash Grenadine

Directions: Mix the ingredients in a highball glass. See the video below for more details.

The Walking Dead is back on television. As a native Atlantan, I had to make a drink inspired by the horrible walkers and the city that the TV series takes place in. The mix of southern ingredients and easiness of the recipe make the perfect recipe to drink at camp after a long day of gathering supplies and slaying zombies. 


This is for all those walking dead fans.

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